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Ship with Confidence from China to Singapore.

*If you are a corporate customer, please send us an email to : to find out more about shipping cost.  




1. Ships Directly from China Warehouse to Singapore


Your inventory will be shipped directly from our warehouse at Guangzhou, China to our warehouse at Tuas, Singapore via sea freight. Then, we deliver directly to your Singapore address or directly to your customers!

2. Flexible Last Mile Delivery


We offer the most flexible and agile last mile delivery. Ship your goods to multiple Singapore addresses. Just arrange and schedule your orders on our website or mobile app and let us do the rest! And we do not outsource our delivery to third parties.

3. Competitive Rates


We offer the best corporate rates for your business. Ship with us cost-efficiently and safely without any hassle or worry. We will take good care of your goods and deliver them to you or your customers safely and soundly.


4. Free 44 Days Warehouse Storage


You can store your goods at our warehouses in Guangzhou, China for up to 30 days and in Tuas, Singapore for up to 14 days upon receipt of goods. That's 44 days in total! Wait for your shipment to arrive safely without incurring any storage charges!

5. Transparent Custom Declaration


We declare the exact value of your purchases. Our responsible practice ensures you can ship your inventory peacefully with no cargo detentions or delays.
ShipForMe Export Tax Refund from China

6. China Export VAT Refundable


We offer China Export Tax Refund on your goods made in China. Sign up an account now and start shipping with us!

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