About Order

Q: Can I request to take photos for my orders?

A: Photo taking is available at SGD1.00 per item per photo. Please remark when add an item as : “ photo taking needed”

Q: Can I request your China Warehouse to pay for inland transport upon receiving my items?

A: Yes, you can do so. We will bill you cost to cost but there will be an admin charge of SGD $5.00 per receiving.

Q: How do I submit an order for those with no tracking number/courier company?

A: Please approach the seller and ask for the tracking number. Sometimes the tracking number may not be available on Taobao but the seller might have it. 

Q: It is compulsory to write the customer ID (SG88)on the packaging boxes?

A: Yes, it is compulsory to have the customer ID in address line and on packaging if not the China warehouse will reject the items.

E.g. this is how it should be for delivery address (with customer ID at the back) : 地址:广州市白云嘉禾鹤龙一路佳骏工业园自编5号102仓. 邮编:510425 (SG88) 

Q: My item has been send to the wrong address, what should I do next?

A: Please contact the seller to re-send the items to the correct warehouse address. If you have any problems communicating with the seller or need help to solve this issue please email to : orders@shipforme.com.sg and our colleague in china will contact the seller on your behalf, handling charge of SGD1.00 is chargeable per tracking order. 

Q: My item has lost/refunded, how can I delete from my submitted order?

A: Please email to: orders@shipforme.com.sg and put subject title " Order Cancellation” and we will make amendments from system.

Q: What should I do if the seller give 1 tracking number but send out 2 parcels with this 1 tracking number?

A: No worries on this. Our store supervisor in China Warehouse will indicate the number of parcels received upon receiving.

Payment & Compensation

Q: Can I pay cheque for Cash On Delivery?

A: No only cash is accepted and cheque is NOT accepted for cash on delivery.

Q: Do you provide compensation?

A: Compensation is kept at $100 or lower ( 50% of item value) for damaged cargo. We handle each compensation cases with investigations and will make sure we are giving the rightful answers to our customer. 

For fragile items, please have proper packaging or wooden crate to protect the items through the transit and shipments. 

Q: How can I send the payment receipt for bank transfer?

A: You can either send to the mobile number (+65 96677448) or email to: orders@shipforme.com.sg 

*Please indicate your Customer ID and Order No for our reference. Thank you 

Q: What is I forget to prepare cash for payment?

A: You will need to re-schedule the delivery and reschedule fee of $10 is applicable.

GST & Import Matters

Q: Can I claim my GST back?

A: You can only claim you GST back if you requested an Individual Permit from us. Each invididual permit is charged at SGD45. 

Q: Can I request to have individual permit for my items?

A: Yes, you can email to orders@shipforme.com.sg within 3 days after you have submitted your shipping orders. Additional permit fee of $45 will be chargeable.

Q: How can I do an individual permit?

A: You can only do an individual permit to claim back GST if you fulfilled the two points below: \

  1. You have a registered company profile with Bizfile
  2. Your business is GST registered
  3. Your business has registered with Singapore Custom for importing. If you do not fulfil the above 3 conditions you are not able to do your individual permit and not able to claim back your GST.


Q: How can I register with Singapore Custom for Importing?

A: You can register at the link below. Only the authorised representative or owner of the business can log in with either SingPass or CorpPass to do the registration. Usually, results will be notify within the same day.


Q: How to calculate 7% GST?

A: 7% of declared goods value.

(E.g. item value RMB500, 7% is 500 x 0.07=RMB35=SGD7.53)

Q: What is the 7% GST?

A: 7% GST is compulsory for sea shipping as this is the lawful regulated by Singapore Custom. If the GST submitted is incorrect, Singapore Custom might require you to re-submit your GST and compound you. 




Q: Any size restrictions for sea shipping?

A: Size is restricted to 2.2m for any side of item.

Q: Any weight limitation for the item?

A: Yes, for 1 cbm the weight is kept at 400kg.

Q: Can I arrange for RE-deilvery?

A: Yes, you can cancel and re-arrange 1 days by 12pm before your actual delivery day. If you are unable to do arrange beforea actual delivery day, there will be an administrative charge of $2 and re-delivery charge of $35 chargeable. You can only reschedule before your delivery date twice. 

Q: Can I ask someone else to receive my items on half?

A: Yes, you can do so.

Q: Can I change my customer ID

A: Customer ID is computer generated and cannot be changed.

Q: Can I import food into Singapore?

A: Food importing requires licenses to enter Singapore. If you are importing food, please do get the relevant information about food licenses and bear the full responsibility on your own shoulder as Ship For me does not cover you for any loss or damage for food related cargoes.

Commercial Food Import Information (information from Singapore AVA website) : https://www.ava.gov.sg/explore-by-sections/food/bringing-food-into-singapore-and-exporting/commercial-food-imports

Personal Food Information for own consumption (information from Singapore AVA website): https://www.ava.gov.sg/explore-by-sections/food/bringing-food-into-singapore-and-exporting/bringing-food-for-personal-use

Q: Can I request delivery at a specific timing?

A: We are unable to fulfil delivery at specific timing due to unforeseen reasons in traffic and weather conditions. We seek your kind understanding on this issue.

Q: Can I request for Disposal of old furniture during delivery?

A: Yes, you can request for disposal of old items at an additional cost. Please do email to orders@shipforme.com.sg 2 days before your scheduled delivery to arrange.

Q: Do you deliver to all locations in Singapore?

A: Yes, we deliver to all locations in Singapore.

Q: Do you provide free storage at China Warehouse?

A: Yes, we do provide free storage for up to 20 days at China Warehouse regardless of sizes. The 21st day will incur an additional charge of RMB1 per day per 0.1cbm.

Q: Do you provide free storage at Singapore Warehouse?

A: Yes, we do provide free storage at Singapore warehouse for up to 14 days regardless of sizes. The 15th day will incur an additional charge of SGD1 per day per 0.1cbm.

Q: Do you repack the items for shipping?

A: Yes, we will repack the small items to make sure nothing will be left out.

Q: Do you return goods from Singapore to China?

A: Currently, we are not providing this service.

Q: How do you charge for taking stairs?

A: Please email orders@shipforme.com.sg at least 2 days in advance to request for such arraignment. Cost will be advice accordingly after assessing the size and weight of the items.

Q: How frequent is the shipping per week?

A: 3 times a week, every Monday, Wed and Saturday we will prepare container for loading to ship.

Q: How long does it take to reach Singappore from Guang Zhou via Sea Shiping?

A: The sailing time is 7 days, local clearance needs 2-3 days. Total is about 10-12 days to reach your house if random custom inspection is not conducted.

Q: I am a corporate user; do you have a corporate account to sign up?

A: Yes, you may request to activate your corporate account by writing email to: partners@shipforme.com.sg and enjoy the special corporate rate.

Q: I missed my warehouse collection, do I have to rearrange my collection?

A: You do not need to re-schedule your appointment, you can collect within operating hours with one call to +65 673 444 32 or drop a SMS (+65 9 66 77 44 8) one day before to notify Ship For Me.

Q: What are prohibited items?

A: Ship For Me cannot ship items that are prohibited or require special handling due to exporting country, importing country or items which may cause danger, damage or delay of international shipping, including but not limited to:

  1. Flammable/explosive products:
    Perfumes, nail polish & polish removers, essential oil, hairsprays, compressed air, cigarette lighters, paint thinners & removers, printer toner cartridge, lithium battery, gasoline and products containing alcohol.
  2. Drugs:
    All forms of drugs, Chinese medicine and slimming products.
  3. Controlled or prohibited products:
    Animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, plants, unprocessed food, meat, (electric) cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol products, arms and explosives, weapons, handcuffs, swords, toy guns, reproduction of copyright materials (books, CD, DVD, magazines), pornographic materials, and counterfeit/replica goods.
  4. Valuables:
    Jewelry, diamonds, gold & silver, currency, antiques.
  5. Others:
    Unprocessed wood, perishable goods, items that may impose contamination to others, magnetic or radioactive materials, goods in powder form. For radio or communication devices which are not approved by IDA, they should be used for exports only. This list may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the Singapore Customs website for the updated list. You will be held responsible and liable if such items are confiscated or abandoned or if there is any extra cost incurred for purchasing and shipping such items.
Q: What to do with item more than 2.2m?

A: 2.2m can be shipped but additional charge occurs at SGD$40 per item.

Q: Where is the china warehouse address and contact person in China for Ship For Me?

A: You can copy and past this address to put as delivery address in your delivery address when you check out from Taobao! Please ensure that you write your customr ID at the end of the address  as per example below. All customer ID start with SG and end with different numbers. 

Address: 广州市白云白云区均禾街道七星岗工业区狮子岭二横路11号311仓 邮编:510440

Contact person:现宝 

Contact number: 15622152298 

E.g.: 广州市白云白云区均禾街道七星岗工业区狮子岭二横路11号311仓 邮编:510440(SG88)